Friday, August 16, 2013

A Toddler Dress WIP


So I have started a new project for my daughter Zoey. I got the pattern from A Simple Seamless Dress. The first time I cast on the 180 stitches I got the stitches twisted when I went to join in the round. I decided to knit a few rows  first before joining. That way it is easier to see if the stitches are twisted, and easier to fix if they are.

I just found out that WIP means Work In Progress.
And FO is Finished Object.

I will post more photos of this dress as I progress. It might take awhile though.

Thanks for reading!

A few hours later...
As I was counting the stitches to divide them for the magic loop I saw that I only cast on 170 stitches :(
 I'm still going to continue the pattern and try to figure out how to fix this mistake as I knit along. 

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